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Asuka Ishihara gets Fucked Hard at the End of a Date
Asuka Ishihara gets Fucked Hard at the End of a Date
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Asuka Ishihara
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After a fun night out with this guy, she invited him into her place when he dropped her off at home. They started kissing and making out, touching each other and having some fun on her bed. She pulled off his shirt and took off his pants so she could feel his cock through his underwear while she sat on top of him and kissed him. As she went down on him, he took her clothes off then rubbed her pussy from behind while he fucked her face. She loved giving him head, but she wanted to get fucked so she got on all fours and let him slam it home from behind. The couple melded their two bodies into one as they rolled around on the bed fucking in a variety of erotic positions. He made her cum harder than she had ever before as he buried his bone in her now dripping wet, hairy pussy. As he got on top of her and drove himself deep, she begged him to cum inside her. He wasn't about to turn her down so he filled her up with hot love juice!